In HIS Service Sharing Together 



About Us in the NE Region  (contact links)      

The following links are contributions from various Northeast Area Teams, Troops, Leaders, and Friends. Share with us:  May HE Find us Walking Worthy 👣👣👣 Together in HIS Service ~keith


American Heritage Girls (AHG) 

 Our National Partnership with AHG

AHG National Facebook Page and Website 

AHG NE Regional Facebook Page


 Gathering together in the Southern Tier of New York with Adam Hungerford

 Gathering together in areas of Pennsylvania with Joe Hudson

 Gathering together in areas in Vermont with Karin Barrup

 Gathering together in areas in Virginia with Will Nelson 

Camping and Trail Adventures

Sharing – TLUSA Northeast Friendly Camps by various leaders

Sharing – from the Fields, Trails, & Streams by various leaders

Year-Round – Camping Award Steven R. Padgett TM MD-0518

Hit The Trail – Get Outdoors! NY-NJ Trail Conference Steve Sherwood, COR & Chaplain of NY-0189


Awards – I’ll Try Sir – Perservance (Standard Bearer) Steven R. Padgett TM MD-0518

Flag Retirement – Veteran’s Day Flag Retirement Ceremony David Bornn – Maryland Pointman

Rite of Passage to Navigators Ceremony – From Woodlands Trail to Navigators W. Todd Watson TX-1836

Taps – The Bugle Call

Trail Foward Challenge – Court of Honor Slides & Script Scott Spell, AL-0254

Trailman’s Oath – An Understanding of our Oath Troop 113 Blog

Trail Marker Ceremony – Trailmen Advancement W. Todd Watson TX-1836


Respect for – Our American Flag

Competitions – How to

Make a Trebuchet / Conduct a Bean Bag Fling – Ready Aim Fire Troy Martin former TM DE-0001

Enjoying God’s Creation – How to –

Connect with Him in the great outdoors – Wilderness Recharge Steve Sherwood, COR & Chaplain of NY-0189


Spiritual Development Faith & Values in TLUSA

Bible Basics (RP3) Read. Picture. Ponder. Put Into Action. from P.R.A.Y.

Faith Building Opportunities within TLUSA

TLUSA – A Godly-Worldview of our Trail

Graphics & Photos

Promoting TLUSA (Graphics) Google Photo Album


2013 A Brief History of the TLUSA Events

Ministry Minutes 

A Collection of Trail Life Minutes by Stephen Leykauf

Perseverance – I’ll try Sir by Stephen R. Padgett

Program Aids

Collection of various – Woodlands Trail 2.0 aids 

Campfire Guidelines – for Trail Life USA Trailmen

Crossword Puzzle – Core Values & Culture of the Program

Service to GOD, Country, & Others

TLUSA Chaplain – A TLUSA Chaplaincy Fourm by Michael W Rice

AHG & TLUSA RESPECT LIFE Troops around the NE

Wreaths across America with Troop MD-0518 Steven R. Padgett – TM

Troops Meeting @ Christian Camps

ME-0316  –   Cross Roads Christian Camp, Bradley, ME

PA-0328  –   Cove Valley Youth Camp, Mercersburg, PA


TLUSA Promotional Video 2:42min – Mission, Values, Vision statements E Keith Wawrzyniak 

American Flag Retirement – With Troop MD-0518 Steven R. Padgett – TM

Annual Trail Mix Video – Destination Washington D.C. with PA-0002 Brent Williams

Northeast Promo 2 Updated – of TLUSA Trailmen in Action

Northeast Promo- of TLUSA Trailmen in Action

Northeast Equip Events – 2014 & 2015 Cove Valley Joe Hudson, PA-Pointman

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