Individuals & Regional

28 New Charters 2018 through October

10/31/18 – Congratulations and thank you to all who have helped support and serve the One-hundred and twelve (112) (NE) Chartered Organizations and their Troops. This includes twenty-eight (28)  new troops just chartered this year through October, and we have twelve (12) Areas Approved for Pre-chartering (AAP) organizations queued for potential chartering.

See the Home Page regional graphic (shown below) that contains live links for all five of our NE Regional Areas

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2018Q3 NE Area Team RSA recipients

10/16/18 – Congratulations to three Northeast Area Team Members being awarded the 3rd Quarter 2018 (2018Q3) Regional Service Award (RSA).

Nominated by your peers to be our Top 2018 Q3 [Point Man (PM) - Jim Evans, New Troop Organizer (NTO), Steve Padgett, & Direct Service Advisor (DSA) – Ed Thompson]. In appreciation of your continued dedication and devotion providing Godly volunteer leadership and selfless acts of service that contribute to the welfare of others. Thanks for your efforts to help [cultivate, propagate, & germinate] respectively, Christian growth in all you have served, by sharing our Mission, Vision, and Motto, and by emphasizing the importance of being a Christ-Centered ministry.

Thank You - Point Men serving NE Region (NE5) Virginia

October 10, 2018 Thank You - VA Point Men

Wow it has been six months since Virginia's transition from SE to NE Region – Today I sent out Thank You Certificates of Appreciation to Pointmen Joe Chase (VA2), Bennie Good (VA3), Tim Owen (VA5), and Dale Zilke (VA1) for helping to maintain a smooth changeover of the State. RTL Larry Wagner and I are still looking to find and recruit teachable leaders to become Point Men to cover the local VA Areas VA6 & VA7 that we are temporarily covering.

Steve Padgett MD-0518 / Paul Frey PA-0328

August 6-10, 2018 MAN CAMP Leaders
Thank You Steve Padgett (Camp Director); Paul Frey (Camp Manager, Tool Man).
These two men were the MAN CAMP Makers & Shakers leading the following core staff members Paul Boin (Program Director); Brad Spain (Admin & Finance); Todd Richards (Water Activities); Dave Servin (Caving); Ed Thompson (Ropework Rafts/Catapults); Steve Manns (Rifle); Gary Tozzo (Shotgun); Jared Snyder (Archery); Jarrett Chapman (Bible Study/Prayer); Randy Thayer (First Aid)

Point Man Jim Evans -- Awarded second NE Regional Service Award

July 14, 2018 – Thank you James "Jim" JB Evans (NY, CT, RI Point Man) and congratulations for being our  2Q2018 Top TLUSA NE Area Team Recruter by enlisting five new Area Team members to the Northeaast Area 2 (NE2); Mark Charette (CT-NTO); Rich Sutherland (CT- NTO); John Morgan (DSA); Don English (NY-DSA); and Karen Solominides (CT-NTO). Jim also has established the 1st Power-Team 3, Leadership Triad in Connecticut with himself (PM), Mark (NTO), and John (DSA). See also the Service Awards page.

Justin Manns - Freedom Rangeman

March 23, 2018 – Saluting Justin Manns, our newest Freedom Rangeman. Justin is the son of Steve and Cindy Manns of Sigel, PA. In 2014 Justin made the transfer to Trail Life and began his pursuit of the Freedom Award, and is now in Troop PA-1003 chartered by Center Hill Community Church in Knoxdale, PA. He is the First Trailman from Troop PA-1003 to receive the Freedom Award, the seventh in the State of Pennsylvania, and the ninth Rangeman (first in the class of 2018) from the Northeast Region of Trail Life USA. See also our Freedom Rangeman page.

Dale Zilke - New Virginia Point Man

March 15, 2018 – Welcome our newest Point Man Dale Zilke. Dale currently lives in Winchester VA with his wife Julie. He has been involved in TLUSA in and around his home, and has several times helped to staff several northeast regional events and activities. Please give Dale a word or two of encouragement as he begins to serve the Skyline and Montpelier areas of Virginia. See also Teams and Committees Page.

Point Man Jim Evans -- Awarded NE Regional Service Award

April 3, 2018 – Thank you "Jim" JB Evans (NY, CT, RI Point Man) and congratulations for being our 1Q2018 Chief TLUSA NE Seed Bearer by helping to propagate, germinate, and cultivate Christian growth in all you have served in Trail Life USA. You are hereby awarded the TLUSA NE Regional Service Award.Four open pre-charters: RI-0619 Newport; CT-1635 Wethersfield; CT-0001 Groton; CT-2018 Uncasville; Two new area team members: Rich Sutherland (CT- NTO); Mark Charette (CT-NTO); Three new Chartered Troops: NY-1012 Liverpool; NY-1412 Monroe; CT-0001 Groton (1st in CT)

2017 NE Regional Service Awards

Jan 22, 2018 – We salute Three NE Area Team Members who have received the Northeast Regional Service Award for their Godly volunteer leadership in 2017. See also Service Award page* Stephen “Steve” Padgett – MD TM/NTO, Top Organizer / Promoter / Leader of the Most Multi-Troop Events 2015-2017 * William “Bill” McCall – PA PM, 2017 Northeast Regional Point Man of the Year * David M. Bornn Jr. – MD/PA Point Man  2014-2017 PM, Event Coordinator, and Regional Chartering Coordnator. Dave has since relocated to MW Region, and is now the Regional Team Leader for the New Northern Plains Region


Updated List of Point Men

April 12, 2018 - Northeast Point Men -- Supporting and Serving Seekers, Pre-charters, and Chartered Organizations and their Troops, See also Teams & Committee page

NE Region now includes Virginia

March 12, 2018 - Trail Life USA Virginia AREA (NE5) and their Local Area-Teams are now be supported and served as a significant part of the NE Region.

New Northeast Region AREAS with Tag Line

View the PDF Listing of TLUSA NE AREAS and Area-teams

Virginia Area_teams


Jan 2, 2018 -- Northeast Regional Certificates of Recognition are being awarded to two of our charter organizations troops PA-0002 & PA-0304, respectively by their Point Men WM McCall and Joe Hudson, for being Early Program Adopter of TLUSA since December, 2013, Thanks for your four years of shared Christian values using our motto, vision, and mission. Find these troop and others online.

  • Emmanuel Christian Church – Stoneboro PA-0002
  • West Shore Evangelical Free Church - Mechanicsburg PA-0304


New Troops & Charters Orgs.

NJ-0316 - 2nd New Troop Today

11/1/18 - Pointman Thomas Paulikas, Martha Schmidt, and I ask you to welcome NJ-0316, chartered by St. Vincent de Paul Parish, YardvillePlease pray for Pastor Rev. Stan Krzyston, their Charter Lead Edward Feltz, and the rest of the Church's new Christ-centered youth adventure, ministry leadership team

NJ-0316 is the 6th Troop in New Jersey, the third this year, and the 23rd in NE Regional Area 4, (NE4) that are troops from DE, NJ, & MD .  See also:

NY-0110 - 2nd New Troop Today

11/1/18 - Welcome Grace Bible Fellowship Troop NY-0110, located at 1427 N Gore Road, Olmstedville, Essex Co. 12857 NY. Contact them at (518) 251-3290 | See also: for additional contact information.

Pointman Jim Evans, Martha Schmidt and others welcome Pastor Chad & Jenny Haneman Missionary Pastors, affiliated with Village Missions, and Charter Leader Greg Morris.

NY-0110 is the 11th New York troop, 4th this year, and 14th Troop in the Northeast Area 2 (NE2) covering CT, MA, NY, & RI.

MD-3135 - 3rd New MD Troop in 7 Days

10/24/18 - MD-3135 Took their number from Proverbs chapter 3 v.1-35. Key verse is 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths. ESV

We welcome Pastor John Kalfayan, Charter Leader Adam Filbert, and the Church's new Christ-centered youth adventure program TLUSA Troop MD-3135 at the Crossroads Church of God, located at 708 Sharps Point Road Fruitland, MD 21826 in Wicomico Co. | 410.219.LOVE (5683)  |

Please welcome MD-3135 as the 2nd Troop in Maryland's Wicomico Co., pray for their leadership team, and share their new ministry notice with others. We now have 22 Maryland Troops chartered in NE Regional Area of DE, NJ, MD (NE4), 16 of which are in state of MD.  See also:

MD-0408 - 2nd New MD Troop this week

10/19/18 - We welcome Pastor Brian Dempsey and the Church's new Christ-centered youth adventure program MD-0408 starting at the First Baptist Church, Perryville, located at 4800 Pulaski Hwy, Perryville, MD 21903 on Eastern Shore in Cecil Co,  | 410-642-6865 | 

Thanks to the effort of Direct Service Advisor, Charter Lead, & FBC Elder Ed Thompson, along with Martha Schmidt we now have the 21th Troop. MD-0408 is chartered in NE Regional Area of DE, NJ, MD (NE4), and is the 15th Troop in state of MD.  See also:

Please welcome MD-0408 (#21) to the trail, pray for their leadership team, and share their new ministry with others in and around Perryville, MD.

MD-0110 filling a gap in N.W. MD

10/18/18 - Pastors Dan Pritchett, and Jim Cabush of Valley Grace Brethren Church, we welcome your new Christ-centered ministry at 17310 Gay Street, Hagerstown, Washington Co.  MD 21740 - (301) 582.0155 |  | Trail Life Troop MD-0110

Thanks to the effort of Point Man Randy Wolfe, Charter Leader Neil Parrott, and Martha Schmidt we now have the 20th Troop MD-0110  chartered in NE Regional Area of DE, NJ, MD (NE4), the 14th Troop in state of MD, and the 2nd in Western MD (MD5)

We ask others to welcome you to the trail, pray for your leadership team, and share your new ministry with others in and around Hagerstown.

NJ-2717 2nd Troop Today / 2nd in NJ < 3 wks

10/10/18 - The second new Troop Today (PTL). NJ-2717 is chartered by the Somerset Hills Baptist Church. Their Troop number come from Proverbs 27:17 “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Thanks to the effort of Point Man Thomas Paulikas, Charter Lead Jake Hardin, Direct Service Advisor Marshall Garcia, and Martha Schmidt we now have the 19th Troop in NE Regional Area of DE, NJ, MD (NE4), and the 5th Troop in state of NJ. As notes this is the 2nd NJ Troop to charter in less than 3 weeks, with a couple of precharters in the queue!

It's great to see the close proximity of four NJ troops in North and Central Jersey. So we especially ask these troops to welcome them to the trail, in their prayers, share this new ministry with others, and support their startup efforts.

Somerset Hills Baptist Church,  510 Mount Airy Road, Basking Ridge NJ 07920 - (908) 647-7090. The church is centrally located between I-287 (exit 26) and I - 78 (exit 33).

PA-1558 - The 110th Northeast Troop

10/10/18 - Today the First Baptist Church of Clarion, PA chartered a new Troop PA-1558, in the Northeast Region. Thanks to the effort of Point Man Wm "Bill" McCall, Charter Lead/IH Senior Pastor Jason "Jay" Hunter, and Martha Schmidt we now have the 25th Troop in NE Regional Area of PA (NE3), and the 6th Troop in PA local Allegheny area (PA1). We ask members in the surrounding communities to welcome them to the trail, in your prayers, share their new ministry with others, and support their startup efforts.

The First Baptist Church - Clarion - Loving God and Loving Our Neighbors, is located at 649 Main Street, Clarion, PA 16214, Phone: (814) 226-8233, E:

See also:


MD-1410 - 1st in Charles County, MD

10/5/18 Welcome Troop MD-1410 chartered by White Plains Baptist Church located at 8470 Marshall Corner Road, Pomfret, MD. 20675 (240) 776-4326. Thanks to the efforts of Charter Leader Troy Walker, folks at the church, and Martha Schmidt, this troop is now chartered as the 13th Troop in Maryland (5th this year), and the 109th in the Northeast Region (23rd this year). See also:

Pray with and for this church's new TLUSA ministry to help train up boys and young men in and around their community, along with their American Heritage Girls Troop MD1410, to help build women of integrity. Here are links to Connect with TLUSA MD-1410  and AHG MD1410

VA-1408 Chartered in 12 Days!

10/2/18 – Wow, This may be a Chartering Record -- This new troop pre-chartered on 9/21 by Reedswood Christian Church, chartered today! Please Welcome this organizations that certainly had their ducks in a row. As always, we ask you to pray for this church's new ministry to the boys in and around their community.

Charter Lead William Yomes, Area Team members Tim Owen & Larry Wagner, myself and Martha Schmidt our National Troop Engagement Coordinator welcome this our 46th Troop to Virginia.

Reedswood Christian Church, is located at 7694 Meredith Dr, Bellamy Gloucester, VA 23061, can be contacted at (804) 693-5090

see also:


Troop VA1110 #8 in Mt. Vernon

9/26/18 -- Thanks to the efforts of Charter Lead Chris Wieczorek, Pastor Fr David Whitestone, DSA Will Nelson, and Martha Schmidt we now have our newest troop VA-1110 in Fairfax VA, chartered by St. Leo the Great Catholic Church.  Please spread the word, welcome them to the trail, and pray for their newest church ministry reaching out the lives of the boys in their community.

This new troop is now the 45th troop in the state of Virginia, the 8th in the local area VA6 (MOUNT VERNON - Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Falls Church City, Loudoun County and DC), see maps below.  This troop grows the Northeast Region to number 107, see

Troop NJ-0110's rebirth

9/21/18 -- Please Welcome and pray for Troop NJ-0110 (Col 1:10) chartered by Calvary Chapel, Old Bridge, NJ. See  This troop formerly chartered as NJ-0316, is now back, thanks to the efforts of Charter Lead Robert Larsen, and NJ Pointman Thomas Paulikas, and Martha Schmidt we have a new troop.

NJ-0110 is now the 4th troop in NJ, the 17th in the NJ2 Area, see maps below, and the 106th troop in the Northeast Region, see

VA-1200 is the 8th; 44th; and 105th

9/11/18 -- Pointman Bennie Good, Martha Schmidt and I ask you to welcome our latest Richmond, Virginia Troop VA-1200 to the NE. They are the 8th Troop in the local Richmond Area (RVA), the 44th in the State of Virginia, making them the 105th troop in the NE Region.

VA-1200 is chartered by Crestwood Presbyterian Church 1200 Charter Colony Pkwy. Midlothian, VA 23114

Please pray for them and spread the word about them throughout Chesterfield County. See them and others troop on

VA-4611 Second New Troop TODAY

8/27/18 -- Pointman Joe Chase, Martha Schmidt and I are extremely surprised to see a second new Trail Life USA Troop VA-4611  chartered today. VA-4611 is chartered by the Holy Cross Catholic Regional Catholic School, 2125 Langhorne Road, in Lynchburg, VA 24501.

By the numbers, VA-2611 is the 4th Troop in Virginia’s Local Peaks Area VA2, in Campbell Co.; the 43rd the Northeast Regional Area NE5 (Virginia); and the 104th Troop in the NE Region. Connect with them at online here

PTL This troop is the Sixth Troops this month, (seven if you count one on 7/31) two last week, now two the same day, TODAY

8/27 VA-4611 chartered by the Holy Cross Catholic Reg. Catholic School
8/27 MD-0089 chartered by the Mother of God Community
8/24 NY-1613 charter by Palermo United Methodist Church
8/23 ME-1750 chartered by the Maine Ministry Outreach Center
8/16 ME-1199 chartered by the Bible Baptist Church
8/13 MD-0152. Chartered by Severna Park Baptist
7/31 VA-2911 chartered by the Fairfax Church of Christ

Persistence plants MD-0089 charter

8/27/18 --Martha Schmidt and I are extremely happy to see the seeds of Trail Life USA Troop MD-0089, planted by Scot Morris and Bruce Flanders close to two years ago -- finally sprout at the Mother of God Community • 20501 Goshen Road • Gaithersburg, MD 20879 in Montgomery Co.

By the numbers, MD-0089 is the 3rd Troop in Maryland’s Local Capital Area MD1, in Montgomery Co.; the 12th in Maryland (#12 below); 16th in the Northeast Regional Area NE4; and the 103rd Troop in the NE Region. Connect with them at online here


NY-1613 - Fourth Troop this Month

8/24/18 -- Wow a second new troop chartered this week, and the fourth so far this month. The Lord is truly blessing our NE areas.  Charter Leader Brent Bartlett. Pointman Jim JB Evans, Martha Jones Schmidt, and I are excited to announce the formation of NY-1613, charter by Palermo United Methodist Church, Fulton in Oswego Co.

This Troop is 1st the in the Central NY Area, 10th in NY State, 13th in Northeast Regional Area NE2.  Check them out at  and connect with them at

Kudo to all that have made this pre-chartering journey, and welcome to the Trail Life ministry trail at your church. 


Second Troop in Maine within a week

8/23/18 - Charter Lead Troy Nelson, Point Man Karin Robertson Barrup, Martha Schmidt, and I ask you to welcome New Troop ME-1750 to the TLUSA Trail. They are chartered by the Maine Ministry Outreach Center, Rockland (Knox Co.)

They are the second troop to charter this month from Maine. This now makes them the 4th Troop in Maine, the 8th in Northeast Local Area 1 (NE1), and the 101st in the Northeast Region. Check them out at  and connect with them at


A bitter-sweet day - PA-0101 / ME-1199

8/16/18 -  is a bitter-sweet day. We lost a troop PA-0101 🙁 and gained a new troop ME-1199 🙂 .

Martha Schmidt, Karin Barrup, and I are happy to see our third troop in Maine, making our seventh troops in Regional Area NE1 (ME, NH, & VT), and our 100th troop in the Northeast.

Please welcome Troop ME-1199 (Psalm 119:9 "How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.") is chartered by the Bible Baptist Church,Wiscasset, 143 Beechnut Hill Rd. Wiscasset, Maine 04578 in Lincoln County. See them at

Let's also pray for the members at PA-0101 in Mechanicsburg (Cumberland Co.)

MD-0152 -- Chartered as our 100th Troop

August 13, 2018 -- Martha Schmidt, Hezekiah Barge, and I are extremely excited to announce TLUSA Troop MD-0152. Chartered by Severna Park Baptist Church.

They marked a significant milestone in the Northeast Region. They are our 100th troop, 15th NE4 Area (DE, DelMarVa, MD, and NJ), 11th in MD, thanks to Pastor Dave Brown, and Charter Leader Darrin Benning.

See them on our Chartered Troop Map and our menu of Teams & Committees. Connect with them at  We all look forward to meeting you guys on the Trail Life trail.


VA-2911 -- Chartered in less than 30 days!

July 31, 2018 -- Martha Schmidt, Will Nelson, and I are happy to introduce TLUSA Troop VA-2911 chartered by the Fairfax Church of Christ at 3901 Rugby Rd, Fairfax, VA 22033 in Fairfax County, who chartered in record time -- less than 30 days!

This Troop is the 7th Troop in the Mount Vernon Area (VA6) covering Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Falls Church City, Loudoun County; the 42nd in Virginia (NE5), and the 99th in the Northeast Region. See them on our Chartered Troop Map and our menu of Teams & Committees.

This Troop and local area is supported by Will Nelson, the area's Direct Service (DSA) Advisor. We all look forward to meeting you guys on the Trail Life trail.

Connect with them at


MD-0116 -- Planted by Hezekiah Barge!

July 17, 2018 -- Martha Schmidt, Charter Leader Hezekiah Barge, and I are delighted to introduce and congratulation Pastor Dan Sexton of  Calvary Chapel Ellicott City at 9180 Rumsey Road, Columbia, MD 21045 in Howard County for the chartering of a new Trail Life USA (TLUSA) Troop, MD-0116. Contact this new troop.

This Troop is 10th Troop in Maryland (in NE4), the 3rd in the local Central MD Area (MD2) which includes the counties of Baltimore (plus Baltimore City), Carroll, Harford, Howard. This local area is supported by New Troop Organizer (NTO), Stephen Padgett and Direct Service (DSA) Advisor. Tom Schankweiler.  We all look forward to meeting you guys on the Trail Life trail.

Note: Hezekiah Barge is a member of the TLUSA Board of Directors and is currently a member of this church, until he and his family move to North Carolina.

Connect with them at

MA-0001 --We now have a troop in MA!

July 10, 2018 -- Point Man Jim Evans and I are delighted to introduce TLUSA Troop MA-0001 chartered by Word of Grace in Westfield, MA. The charter lead of this effort has been the church's Pastor Chet Marshall. Contact this new troop.

We now have a TLUSA troop in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. May this be the first of many troops to follow MA-0001, Thanks to everyone's efforts to plant this new ministry! This is now the twelfth troop in Northeast Region 2 (NE2) [CT, MA, NY, RI]  and the ninety-seven troop in our NE Region.  See also our Org. & Troops page.

VA-2318 -- Spins-off from VA-0110

June 21, 2018 -- Point Man Tim Owen, Charter Leader John Kilareski, and I are delighted to introduce and congratulation Grace Baptist, Woodbridge 14242 Spriggs Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22193 for the chartering of a new TLUSA Troop, VA-2318. What make this troop special is that it is a spin-off from Troop VA-0110

Troop VA-2318 is 40th Troop in Virginia (NE5), the 7th in VA5 (Counties of Caroline, Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King George, King William, Mathews, Middlesex, Fauquier, Lancaster, Manassas City, Manassas Park City, Northumberland, Prince William, Richmond, Stafford, Westmoreland) and now the 5th in the Prince William Co. in the TLUSA Potomac Area.  See also our Org. & Troops page.

VA-2212 VA Area-2 growing...

June 6, 2018 -- Point Man Joe Chase and I are delighted to introduce TLUSA Troop VA-2212 chartered by Calvary Chapel  in Lynchburg, VA. The charter lead of this effort has been Bruce Rose. Contact this new troop.

This is Joe's third VA troop in the Peaks Area of VA Area-2 that also includes two troops from Grayson Highlands, and two troops from the Shenandoah Valley. Thanks to everyone's efforts to plant this new ministry! This is now the ninety-five troop in the NE Region.  See also our Org. & Troops page.

MD-0807 -- Cookout/Bonfire Recruiting

May 9, 2018 -- Please welcome to the Trail Life trail, Troop MD-0807 chartered by Salisbury Christian School, in Wicomico Co., on the Eastern Shore of MD. They are now the ninth troop in Maryland and the ninety-sixth troop in the Northeast Region. www, See also our Org. & Troops page. The pre-chartering effort was lead by Christian Bounds.

Chris said "Last evening, despite dodging some thunderstorms, we held an informal cookout/bonfire. We have had more interest in our Troop thus far than I would have ever expected, given the end of the school year."

Our second Connecticut Troop CT-1635

April 12, 2018 -- We now have one less prechatering troop because CT-1635 is now fully chartered and open for ministry at First Church of Christ 250 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT 06109  A job well done by Charter Leader & NTO Mark Charette, Troop Engagement Coordinator Martha Jones Schmidt, and Point Man Jim JB Evans We are looking forward to meeting and greeting leaders at our Trail Ready Learners Conference in Albany, two weeks from Friday.

CT-1635 is the second troop in Connecticut, the eleventh in Northeast AREA (NE2) - CT, MA, RI, NY, and the #96 on the current NE Regional Map.  See also our Org. & Troops page.

BSA Troop 1393 moves to TLUSA PA-1393

April 9,2018 Randy Wolfe and I are extremely happy to announce our seventh TLUSA Troop in Laurel Highlands Area, twenty-sixth in PA (NE3), and #95 on our Northeast map. Please Welcome to the Trail BSA Troop 1393 now as TLUSA Troop PA-1393. They are chartered by Crossroads Church of Christ, at 236 Thomas Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317.   The Troop meets in the Donaldson's Crossroads area of Peters Township, in the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA. See also our Org. & Troops page.

First in Connecticut CT-0001

March 27, 2018 – Thanks to the efforts of Charter Leader John Morgan, National Troop Engagement Coordinator Martha Schmidt, and NY Point Man Jim Evans, we now have our First Troop in Connecticut. Please Welcome CT-0001, chartered by Community Baptist Church – Groton, CT, to the trail.  See also our Org. & Troops page.

Wow PA-0011 – Chartered in 30 Days!

March 14, 2018 – Congratulations Troop PA-0011 at Pine Grove Church, Bowmansville, located in Brecknock Township in Lancaster County. You have become the 1st Troop in Bowmansville, the 11th in our Susquehannock area, the 25th in PA, and currently the 52nd in the Northeast Region.  I think you guys have set a new chartering record, from pre-chartering to fully chartered, in the Northeast, if not in the entire USA. PM  Joe Hudson and I look forward to supporting and serving your Christ-centered, Church-Owned and Operated Ministry.

We love the meaning behind your Troop Number 11; Gen 1:1 tells us how outdoor adventure had its start and lays the foundation for the rest of the Bible (and any meaning we have in life), and John 1:1 clearly connects Jesus to that beginning and the fact that He is God.  We felt these were foundation verses for our boys as they develop a Biblical worldview.


NY-1412 First Troop in Northern NY

Feb. 12, 2018 -- Northern New York Point Man Jim JB Evans is delighted to announce NY-1412, chartered by New Covenant  5360 State Route NY-37, Malone, NY 12953. NY-1412 is the first troop in Northern NY Area in Franklin County, the second new NY troop in 2018, the ninth in NY, and the fifth-second charter in the Northeast Region. See also Troops and Orgs. page

BTW – New Covenant now sponsors both TLUSA and AHG Troops.

NY-1012 First New Troop in 2018

Jan 23, 2018 -- Point Man Jim JB Evans and I are extremely delighted to present to you our first new troop in 2018, our eighth in New York, and our fifty-first in our Northeast Region. NY-1012
Wetzel Road Church of Christ in Liverpool, NY

Please welcome them to the trail and share their opening with others.
See their Facebook page and our Troops and Orgs. page