This is the official Trail Life USA – Northeast Regional website used to share information from our five geographical NE Regional areas (NE1-NE5) from/to those that serve and support all (NE) chartered organizations & their troops. Each (blue dot) is a link to a map of chartered organizations in each regional area. In addition (AAP) shows Areas with Approved Precharters, by state. Thank you for visiting the web page for the Northeast Region of Trail Life USA.

TLUSA is a Christ-centered, Church owned and operated, outdoor character development adventure program open to boys and young men aged 5 to 18. Boys will love the fun and adventure! Parents will love the commitment to a Christian worldview and moral consistency.

Both Regional and Local Area Team volunteers are charged to provide services and support to prospective and current TLUSA Charter Organizations and their Troop Leaders in Areas within CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA/DC, and VT.

Find out more from other local Trail Life USA online communities in the Northeast Region.

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Our National Home Office

www.TrailLifeUSA.com   |   www.traillifeusa.com/camp-aiken/

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  • ACTIONS –> Activities / Events –> Past & Future
    • Gatherings – Calendars, Events, & Photos
    • Giving – Time, Talent, and Treasure
    • Networking – Points to other NE related Websites
    • Praying – for Individual and Organizational need
    • Pursuing – GOD on the Trail Life USA Trail…
    • Saluting – Recognizing Memorials, Awards, and Service
    • Sharing – Resources provided by many contributors