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  Area Team Chairman (Point Man)

Hezekiah Barge
  Hezekiah Barge (Maryland)
  Columbia, MD, 20723

Karin Barrup
  Karin Barrup (Vermont)
  Derby Line, VT, 05830
  VT, NH, ME     

Jim Evans
  James "Jim" Evans (New York)
  Cazenovia, NY, 13035
  NY, CT, RI     

Joe Hudson
  Joseph "Joe" Hudson (Pennsylvania)
  Greencastle, PA, 17225

Adam Hungerford
  Adam Hungerford (New York)
  Elmira, NY, 14901
  NY, PA     

Bill McCall
  William "Bill" McCall (New York)
  Kendall, NY, 14476
  NY, PA     

Thomas Paulikas
  Thomas Paulikas (New Jersey)
  Monroe Township, NJ, 08831

E Keith Wawrzyniak
  Keith Wawrzyniak (Maryland)
  Baltimore, MD, 21221
  MD, [DC], DE, NJ, MA     

Randell Wolfe
  Randell "Randy" Wolfe (Pennsylvania)
  Greensburg, PA 15601

  Registered Adults - Non Troop (RA-NT) members:

      New Troop Organizer (NTO), Direct Service Advisor (DSA)
  • Benjamin Barrup - Vermont
  • Nelson Barrup - Vermont (DSA)
  • Jim Butler - Pennsylvania (DSA)
  • John Conrad - Pennsylvania (NTO)
  • Marshall Garcia - New Jersey (DSA)
  • Steve Padgett - Maryland (NTO)
  • Tom Schankweiler - Maryland (DSA)
  • Steve Scott - Delaware (NTO)
  • Dave Servin - Pennsylvania (DSA)
  • Ed Thompson - Maryland (DSA)

  Power-Team3 (Leadership Triad)

      Point Man (PM), New Troop Organizer (NTO), Direct Service Advisor (DSA)
  • Maryland - Hezekiah Barge (PM), Steve Padgett (NTO), Tom Schankweiler (DSA)
  • Pennsylvania - Joe Hudson (PM), David Servin (DSA), John Conrad (NTO)
  • Delaware - Keith Wawrzyniak (PM), Ed Thompson (DSA), Steve Scott (NTO)

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